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Maui Executive Leadership Team Mastermind Retreat

Maui Executive Leadership Team Mastermind Retreat

Bring your team to Maui

to build cohesiveness and get extremely clear on both who you are as individuals and as a collective unit.

Kuzushi is the Japanese word for off-balance. Leaders and leadership teams, in this post pandemic world, are craving Zandaka (balance). In order to achieve balance again, we first have to acknowledge the challenges we are seeing in today’s workplace culture:

  • Less connection among team members
  • Meetings taking place virtually rather than in person
  • Less face-to-face opportunities for high quality communication
  • More difficulty handling issues and problems
  • The Great Resignation

Our Leadership Team Retreat Will Provide You With:

  • Culture – Develop a more connected and cohesive team culture.
  • Communication – Develop skills for effective communication,
    collaboration, and conflict resolution.
  • Problem Solving – Improve personal and organizational problem-
    solving skills and strengthen decision-making capabilities.
  • Critical Thinking – Deepen critical thinking skills under high pressure
  • Leadership – Identify and Improve leadership performance with tools
    to take an organization to the next level.
  • Connection – Build a more connected team by boosting individual trust
    and confidence.
  • Values – Re-examine values to gain clarity on individual and team goals, and a make sure your culture aligns with the values

Our Leadership Team Retreat Will Provide You With:

  • Diagnosis – We will help you identify a workplace problem or conflict that currently exists
  • Connection – Lead challenging conversations that guide your team towards solutions
  • Conflict Management – Effective conflict management is an essential skill for every leader. When harnessed productively, conflicts or problems can be a force to build both company culture and a competitive advantage.
  • Strengthen Your Organizational Cohesiveness – Productive workplace relationships can only emerge in a health organization culture
  • Enhance Coworker Trust and Respect – Solid relationships in the workplace are built on trust, psychological safety, and mutual respect
  • Collaboration – Successful organizations can only innovate collaboratively when they communicate well together
  • Resolution – Solve the problem while you are in Maui. We will provide action steps and put together a plan of action for after your departure.

Our Approach

We use the jiujitsu mindset and practice to foster individual and organizational
breakthroughs. Our transformational process is founded on a series of physicalmental, and technical skills that are the building blocks of our path to change.

  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Master your ego
  • Embrace the truth
  • Survive through adversity
  • Re-define failure
  • Be disciplined
  • Face your weaknesses

What You

And Your Team Can Expect

  • Daily Morning Mindset and Mindfulness Training and Techniques
  • Daily Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(BJJ) Team Training
  • BJJ Uniform(Gi) Included
  • Team Building To Bring Your Executive Team Together in This Post Pandemic World
  • Daily Business Summit Catered to Your Companies Need
  • 4 Nights of Lodging
  • Daily Lunch And Dinner At The Best Spots On Maui
  • Transportation Provided From The Time You Land Until The Time You Leave
  • Waterfall Hike Through The Bamboo Forest
  • Aloha Culture Every Day
What Are People Saying About Working With Eliot

“He really has brought together a program that I find to be invaluable to pretty much anyone.” Greg

“One of the best experiences I’ve gone through in years! The time and energy spent on this weekend is well worth it.” Reggie

“This was one of the most amazing opportunities that I have taken for my self in a very long time. You don’t have to be 20 yrs old to do this.   I gained the skills to be present whether it’s in life or on the mat.” Heather

“Prof Eliot put on a retreat in Maui in Dec. 2021. Those four days changed my life. I realized a lot about myself, I accepted the ups and downs in my life, on and off the mats. And I came home leaving behind every bit of myself that I wasn’t happy with.” Alec


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