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- Marcus Aurelius

``The impediment of action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.``


Eliot’s Promise…

To be in your corner by creating a unique, powerful, and valuable meeting experience that exceeds expectations, inspires positive change, and improves performance.

Business is challenging. Maintaining a competitive advantage and staying profitable in today’s volatile and ever-changing world requires leaders and teams to adapt, innovate, and engage.

People are your most important resource. Eliot’s keynotes and executive training promote high-performing cultures based on accountability, preparation, teamwork, and trust. Your conference attendees will gain new skills and mindsets to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, discover their passion, lead with conviction, build trust in their team and give their purpose to the world.

Eliot Marshall has trained for this moment…

to help organization leaders become more successful, and he will do the same for your company!

Organizations across the country trust Marshall to empower their leadership and sales teams with the type of mindset & performance training found in professional sports teams—

Performance training is essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Your team will learn to leverage the same principles sports superstars use to excel against their competitors.

Speaking Topics

Eliot is a graduate from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Mathematics. He is the owner of the world renowned martial arts academy Easton Training Center, with 7 locations across the Denver Metro area. Eliot is a former UFC fighter now entrepreneur, coach, author, and keynote speaker. You have seen him speak on the TEDx stage and Evoso Live.

Eliot’s speaking style is strong, powerful, and vulnerable. He is able to connect with his audience quickly by grabbing their attention through his compelling stories. Eliot speaks with power while also letting people see who he really is through vulnerability. Eliot is an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve what they are looking for in their lives!

Eliot goes beyond just giving a talk. His mission in life is to guide every person he comes in contact with to “find their power.” Eliot believes there is something within all of us that makes us amazing and unique in the world. He demonstrates to his audience to find their power, harness it, and discover ways to give it to the world.

  • Eliot’s Speaking Topics:
  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Self Resilience
  • Discipline
  • Personal & Professional Growth

Eliot specializes in keynote speeches ranging from 15-45 minutes in length. His talks will motivate your audience in a hard hitting way, inspiring them to show up as the best individuals they can in every moment. Eliot is prepared to deliver an amazing talk whether your event is live or virtual.

Palo Alto College

Former UFC fighter, Eliot Marshall, shares the idea that our hardships and difficulties in life serve as an arena where we must battle to find power to be successful in life. In this talk Eliot shares his story of failing as a UFC fighter, his life long struggle with anxiety, and how he was able to over come all of this to find his power, and live the life he designs.

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