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The Blueprint

The Blueprint

In 12 weeks you can be stronger, more desirable, and clear on where you are going

Focus on 7 things and you’ll change everything about your life

I’m Eliot Marshall and like so many of you, stress and anxiety crippled the way I looked at myself.

I lived in constant fear of how I was being viewed by other people.

It stopped me from showing the best part of myself and drained me of my passion and purpose.

In 2016 the anxiety was running my life. I put on my mask and told the world I was okay, but I wasn’t.

I started to create a structure and a framework around my day and how I viewed myself.

I developed a Blueprint for digging myself out of a hole and took back my passion and purpose.

My success and courage to keep moving forward is a direct result of implementing this blueprint into my life.

Most men live lives of quiet desperation.

You keep doing things that you don’t want to do thinking that you’ll get a new result.

You spend what little time you have for yourself trying to forget about the things in your life that you wish you could cut out.

Every day you keep going through the motions. Hoping and wishing that something will change.

Nothing on the outside will change unless you change on the inside.

Creating a life that you love isn’t about doing certain things, its about doing things in a certain way.

When your mind is in order and you are clear on who you are, everything in your life will improve.

You’ll find yourself being more appropriately compensated at work.

Your friends and colleagues will admire you and your expertise.

Your romantic relationships improve.

And you will finally have the time to live the life you want instead of escaping the one that you have.


I had it all in the eyes of many.

I had a beautiful family, successful businesses, and plenty of friends.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled.

I took the time to gain a support system.

I took the time to create structure in my life.

I identified my needs and who I really am at the core.

And I started to see that I deserved more.

My businesses started exploding.

I had more passion for my hobbies.

My smile became contagious.

My family time became more fun and my relationships improved.

I didn’t have to model my life after anyone else. I used some basic structure and then created the life that I wanted so that every day was the perfect day.

And so can you.

I didn’t have all of the clarity around this blueprint at first. But I’ve spent years refining these ideas so that you can implement them immediately. No trial and error. Only simple, results-proven, structure to your life.

Get clear on 7 things and change your entire life.



A Step-By-Step 12 Week Program That Puts Your Life In The Order That You Need To Be The Man You’ve Always Wanted To Become.


After this course you will:

  • Be In Control Of The Seven Areas Of Your Life
  • Be Crystal Clear On What You Need So You Can Cut Out What You Dont
  • Be Able To Skillfully Talk About And Navigate Your Feelings In Every Situation
  • Know EXACTLY Who You Are
  • Know EXACTLY How You Want To Live Your Life
  • Be Able To Give The World The Best Version Of Yourself

You will receive:

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions to Identify your needs and goals
  • Materials and Exercises To Become Clear On What Your Perfect Life Would Look Like
  • Daily Routine To Live a Life Of Passion And Purpose
  • A Community Of Members Dedicated To Seeing You Succeed
  • Mentorship From Eliot and The Blueprint Team To Guide You Through The Seven Areas Of Your Life
  • Hours Of Video Content Focused On Training Your Mind And Body To Be Unstoppable
  • Weekly Live Q&A’s with Eliot and The Blueprint Team to Ensure That You Have All Of Your Questions Answered

Why Am I So Confident In The Blueprint?

The Blueprint?

Because This Isn’t A Self-Help Course. It Doesnt Teach The “Right” Thing To Say, Or Teach You How To Fake It Until You Make It.

A Blueprint Doesn’t Tell You How To Decorate A Home. It Doesn’t Tell You Which Brands To Buy.

A Blueprint Shows You The Plan Of How Your Home Can Be Built, And You Can Make It However You Want.

This Blueprint Works. And It Doesn’t Just Work For Me. I’ve Had The Privilege Of Working With People to Improve Their Lives For Over A Decade. I See How Their Results Have Changed.



Each Week You Will Receive A New Module To Work Through And A Q&A Will Be Broadcast To Answer Any Questions Around That Module Before You Move Forward. Your Results Are Directly Related To The Work You Put In. We Will Support You As You Move Through A New Module Weekly.

We Believe That No Man Is An Island. You Will Not Only Receive The Support of Eliot and His Team, But You Will Receive The Support of Blueprint Members As We Come Together Each Week To Create A Success Support System.

Each Module Will Include Video Instruction With Eliot As Well As The Materials That You Will Need To Skillfully Work Through The Modules. You Will Have An Opportunity EVERY SINGLE WEEK To Work Directly With Eliot And His Team To Best Ensure Your Success.

We Are So Confident That The Blueprint Will Provide A Great Addition To Your Life That If You Are Not Satisfied We Will Return Your Money AND We’ll Throw In A Complimentary Coaching Call.



The days of slumbering mediocrity are going to come to an end. It ends today and it starts with you.

The Blueprint is the framework that will rid you of your misconceptions about your limitations and set you on the path to embodying the life you truly crave to lead.

The journey to becoming a highly valued man begins with understanding yourself, so stop wasting time on trial and error.

Identify, understand, and execute every day. Together we will lay the groundwork where every day, you will be eliciting steps in the process that will allow you to illuminate the path clearer than ever before.

Your journey starts NOW.


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